Aug. 15th, 2010 02:11 pm
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A girl came to me the other day (I work with her) and asked where in the Bible it says love is patient, love is kind. Now, I've never said a word about me being a Christian while there (other than mentioning it briefly during my hiring process). I've never handed out a tract. I've never witnessed to anyone there or carried my Bible to work.

But this girl, B, came up to me and when I gave her the passage, she said she knew I'd know where it was in the Bible. I volunteered my favorite passage and she thanked me.

This incident really made me think, though. Something in my life told her that I'd know where to find something in the Bible. That something is what I want to show the world. I *should* be different, and even when I get rude or mean customers, I need to show them Christ's love. Who am I to judge them? Maybe they're having a bad day, maybe they're just mean, but if Christ was willing to die for me (and them!), then I should be willing to show some selflessness to them.

B came up to me yesterday and asked if I'd give her the reference again since she'd lost it, then told me she likes to read some parts of the Bible, but only her favorites. Even if she only reads 1 Corinthians 13 for the rest of her life, she could get saved. Because who is the Father of all love? God.

Since yesterday, I've really been praying for her. I'll probably never know if she gets saved, but I want my life to show God's love to everyone I meet. I thank God for teaching me this lesson--you know, it's one you hear all the time, and that's even what the visiting pastor spoke on this morning, how someone's always watching you. In my case, it was B. Until her, I never really knew how true it was.
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