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Hey, does anyone know a good community for layouts? I can't find any layouts that I like (or get the ones I do like to work). I'm tired of all the ones I can use. Thanks!

Edit: I found a layout I like! But if you know of a good community, I'd still like to know. Thanks! :)


Apr. 6th, 2010 02:08 pm
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Last week, I got an e-mail in my spam folder about an anonymous gift. Something about it looked not-spamish to me, so I checked it out. The e-mail said that someone had made an anonymous gift to me and included was my name and correct address, so I typed in a new window the address included for their website. Everything I saw looked legit, so I clicked on the confirmation link.

I got the check today, and it's quite large. If one of you did this, thank you so, so much! I am so blessed to have so many friends. I want to do this for someone one day, and if you want to check it out for yourself, here's a link:
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In desperation, I called my brother. We tried a few things, then he discovered I have Windows Vista. He didn't know what to tell me, so he suggested I turn off the computer, then turn it back on. It worked!!

I've never appreciated the backspace key so much!!


Feb. 22nd, 2010 02:55 pm
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I let Kate pound on the keyboard earlier

Now my punctuation marks and backspace key do not work

If anyone has any ideas on how I could fix this I would really appreciate it
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I have been on the computer far too much lately. Starting tomorrow, I will be taking a week-long break from it, coming on only to check my e-mail. Have a good week, all!
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A sci-fi short about a guy who discovers a black hole. Watch it--you'll like it!

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Jon and I are going to the mall tomorrow so I can exchange some stuff and buy some more clothes, though what I really want are a nice pair of gloves and a cute hat.

Since getting Abby, I've found myself taking tons of pictures of her! I discovered this morning, though, that she narrowly missed being named Julia. I realized her tail looks like a lemur tail, which made me think of King Julian from Madagascar, and I would've shortened it to Julia. She's definitely an Abby, though, and it has the added bonus that Beth can say it. Of course, she calls her Abby wow (that's her way of saying meow, by which she means cat). I'm having a hard time not making January 2-7 cat pictures. ;)

I have to share Jon's and my hilarious curtain saga. First, the backstory: every window in this house (with the exception of the three in our room) has roller blinds. We've removed them all, and just switched our dark blue curtains from our room to Jill and Kate's room. We had to buy regular blinds for their room, but can only get them for one window because the other's too small. Anyway, because of this, we needed curtains for our room.

First, we went to Ocean State Job Lots where we found long red curtains. We bought them, then hung them, then laughed really hard. They were longer than the length from our ceiling to the floor, which means they really dragged on the floor, but the best part is that they were faux suede! Really, OSJL, faux suede? We laughed so hard! So we ended up keeping them cuz Ginny wants them (they're light blocking) and went to Wal-Mart to check out what they have.

We picked out some chocolatey brown ones that included a valance and just decided we'd not put the valance up. Oh nooo. That's not how it works. The whole thing's attached! So it's all one piece, with a valance and hideous stripes (which didn't seem bad in the store), and then when we hung them, we realized we'd gotten two different sizes! So one is window length, and the other is floor length. I haven't laughed that hard in a while! The best part, though? We're keeping the awful curtains, and just getting Ginny to take off the valance (cuz we tore off the stickers before knowing how bad the curtains are), then buying another set of the floor-length ones.

In completely unrelated news, Kate's determined to make her mommy lots less lazy. She's up the stairs at the speed of light, she loves playing with the new litter box (just a low cardboard box since Abby hates the covered cat box), she climbs the couches with abandon, and does half a dozen other things super fast and super stealthily. *sigh* Thinking about all of it wears me out!


Jan. 5th, 2010 08:58 am
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I'm getting a kitty today!! I looked on craigslist last night and there were two kittens. The first had fleas that they can't get rid of, but the second had to go because they got a dog (for $1000!!) and didn't want to get rid of him, but they wouldn't get along so one had to go and they chose the kitten.

Wanna see her? )
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New Year's isn't for a couple days, but I feel like writing down my resolutions down here. I don't normally make them, but I think I'm going to this year, and write them down so I can hold myself accountable.

1. I intend to read my Bible every day. I don't know when. I'd like to do it in the morning, but I don't think that's going to happen. I don't want to wait until right before bed, though. Maybe I'll do it when the girls have quiet time.

2. I intend to write something every week. I'd like to get more regular with my journal, but I also want to get back to writing. I haven't done anything with it in quite some time, and I feel God gave me this gift for a reason. In the beginning, I was planning to vow to write every day, but that may be a bit too much to plan on, at least in the beginning.

3. I intend to stop biting my fingernails. I've stopped before, but I want it to be more permanent this time.

4. I intend to start working out. I keep bemoaning my thighs and stomach flab, but if I really want it to go away, I need to get on the ball. This stuff's not going to go away on its own.

4. I intend to be more patient, kind, and loving this year. Of the five resolutions, I think this may be the hardest. I tend to be quick to anger, and can hold a grudge for a long time. I want to change that.
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Jon and I have been curious about Mark Harmon (Gibbs, from NCIS) for a while now. Jon's mom recognized him the first time she saw him, but she thought he was Luke, from Star Wars (nope, that's Mark Hammill). Anyway, Jon looked Harmon up this morning and first of all, did you know he was named People's Sexiest Man in 1986?

Holy cow, he was smokin'!

Also, he had two pretty famous brothers-in-law; one was Ricky Nelson and the other was John DeLorean.

Kitty post!

Oct. 1st, 2009 12:10 pm
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I swear, my cats are crazy. Yes, cats. We now have Chuckles again (he used to be ours, then we gave him to Ginny, and though she was going to take him to live at her mom's, he's happy here), and it's funny to watch Pic and Chuck interact. For one thing, Chuckles has a bad back and a crooked tail (we think he must have been the runt of the litter); for another, he's declawed (he was that way when he wandered up to us in Florida). So he'll bat at her, but it doesn't mean anything. And he's funny to watch going up stairs or jumping up on furniture. He does fine, he just does it different. And he sits funny, kind of pigeon toed. And then there's Pickles; because she's deaf, she's easily startleable (is that even a word?). If you sneak up on her, you can get to fluff up. And as much as I love her, she really is dumb. Who knew, though, that I could be so attached to two kitties?my silly kitties )
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I can't wait to see what they do with this story!

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(Click on it to see it larger.)
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If you enter the coupon code PENNY, you can get 25 4x6 prints for just 25 cents at Walgreens. Pick them up in-store to avoid shipping costs. :)
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"I think we're all feeling a little down in terms of the amount of posting and commenting that is going on. Let's declare Tuesday, June 9 to be "LJ Participation Encouragement Day." My idea is that people who want to participate write an entry of some sort with the title beginning with an asterisk (*). When a person posts such an entry, the other people on their friends list who are also participating post a (meaningful) comment of some sort on that entry, with the end goal of commenting on everyone on their friends list who posts such a comment.

"And so the summary is that if you participate in this, you write an entry of some sort and purpose to comment on every person on your friends list who posts an asterisked entry."
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Me: "Hello?"

Female voice: "Hello?"

Me: "Hello?"

FV: "Why are you answering my phone?"

Me: "I'm not. This is mine."

FV: "No it's not."

Me: "Yes it is."

FV: "No, this is my phone."

Me: "No, it's mine."

FV: "Whatever."

Then she hung up. The oddest part? Her voice was very similar to mine. All I could think once she hung up was of an alternate dimension or time travel (and yes, I admit that I'm odd).
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I tried to change the look of my journal and for some reason it's not working. So I'm using this one for now. :/

Free KFC!

May. 5th, 2009 05:21 pm
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Go to for a coupon for a free 2-piece meal!

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