Jul. 17th, 2007 05:58 pm
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Beth has been crawling/walking around for quite a while now with a very soft, fury scarf around her shoulders. So cute!
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Beth sat up on her own yesterday! She's been able to sit if you do it for her for a while now, but she did it on her own twice. Such a cutie!

This isn't actually a picture from yesterday, but I just had to show off my girl. ;) And I can't believe how much she's changed from the picture in my icon.
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   Get ready for mush!

   Gosh, I love my baby.  She's so good.  Now don't get me wrong; she's getting more spankings these days than she's ever gotten.  But she tries.  And she's at the age where she's learning everything at light-speed.  It's hard to keep pace with how fast her mind works.  And she picks things up really quick!

   I have to tell my bittersweet story from last night.  We did another musical thing with David last night (but this time Ben went instead of Bill).  Jill was okay, but not as good as usual.  She got two spankings.  She hasn't had to be spanked like that in a long time.  The first one was normal--you know, tears, then we went back into the service.  The second spanking was the tear-jerker for both of us.  I told her I was disappointed and that she knew better, then she got her spanking.  I let her cry, then I put her on the floor and talked to her, explaining that I understood her boredom and that it would be over soon, but that was no excuse for her behavior.  And I asked her if she would be good for mommy.  And this whole time I'm talking to her, she's got these little tears coming from her eyes, but she's not making a sound, and her lip came out, then went back in.  But the worst part was when I asked if she'd be good for me, she nodded her head, looking pitiful.  And she was much better.  We had no more problems after the second spanking.

   Then today, I felt so bad for her.  I know car washes scare her, but she's been getting better.  Until today.  As soon as it started, she started crying.  I had to bring her up with me and she buried her face in my chest.  She'd look up and start crying again.  Not that I blame her; it would probably scare me too.

   She's such a character.  She has to have her boots on at all times, but now it's evolved into her jacket too.  She wore it all morning.  And she wore all the bling she could find.  I thought all her play jewelry was in storage, but obviously I was wrong.  I love that little girl.  God has so blessed us.

   And I guess I'll tell my good news.  I'm pregnant again.  We don't have insurance, but God will help us.  I just hope we can find it cheaply up here.  I want a boy, but I did before and we got Jill.  Also, it'd be lots cheaper if we had a girl; I've already got bundles of clothes.  But anyway, whatever God wants us to have is what we'll get.  And this time I'm more prepared emotionally.  Cuz it was tough the first time!

   Anyway, the house is a pigsty.  I should probably go clean before Jill wakes up.  Tootles!

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