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The Road to the Dark Tower by Bev Vincent: Though the introduction and first chapter and a half were rather slow moving and slightly dry, the rest of the book was really good. TRttDT made connections in King's work that I'd never seen before, and also clarified some things from the series that I'd not fully understood. I think what I liked best, though, were the little snippets in the book that were totally unexpected. For instance, I found out that Roland (the main character) had siblings. This was briefly hinted at in one of the books, but Vincent actually found out more from King. A very thorough read which makes me want to reread King's "magnum opus" a third time.

Bag of Bones by Stephen King: I've read this one before, but only once. The style of this book is refreshing because, while definitely written by King, the book has a different feel than many of his others. I remember little about this book and look forward to rereading it.
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The Dark Tower by Stephen King: I finished this book earlier today. I liked it much better the second time. Since I was prepared for the ending this time, I wasn't in such a hurry to finish it, so I had time to really pay enjoy the story. Also, while the ending wasn't one I would've chosen, Stephen King gave a bit of hope at the end. I was able to believe in it more this time and wasn't as disappointed.

The Road to the Dark Tower by Bev Vincent: I've only started this book, but so far I'm finding it very dry. I'm holding out hope that this author has to warm up to her topic, because I'm really interested to see all the connections she can make through all the Dark Tower books. I don't like to put down books once I've started them (can, in fact, only think of a handful that I've done that with ever), but if this lady doesn't start making this book more interesting, I may just have to skip it.

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