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   I have to write in here, though, because I've made a vow to write in here at least once a week.  Don't know if it'll happen, but I figure it's a good goal to set.  When I used to keep a diary, I used to write once a day, maybe more. 

   My little girl is sick.  Last time she had a fever, we ended up taking her to the ER, and it spiked at 105.5.  Want to tell you, it scared us bad.  So we've kept up with ibuprofen every four hours.  We don't want this one to get out of control.  By the way, she had pink eye last time, but the doctor still thought it unusual for her to have such a temp.  Oh, well, not even they know everything.  Anyway, if she's sick, I'll have to stay home with her.  If Jon's sick (which he has been all morning), he'll keep her home with him.  But I pray that she's not.  I hate when my little girl is sick.

   I was wrong about when I can quit work at SRCS.  My last day will be the 29th.  But still, that's not far at all.  Just next month.  I just have to get through summer camp, and it's going pretty quickly.  And I do enjoy working with the second graders.  They're so receptive.  And most of them are smart.  Yes, I do have those who are defiant and want to do their own thing, but even those ones I love.  I want to say that if I never knew that love was a choice (albeit a difficult one sometimes), I have learned it is just working with children.  You can't hate any of them, of course, but you really can't dislike them either.  You have to choose to love them.  That comes easily with some, but not all of them.  This is where God comes in.  Some of those kids it's tough to love.

   Anyway, I should probably skidaddle.  Earlier today, I read Our Town, a play by a man whose name I can't think of now.  Anyway, in the end Emily Webb dies in childbirth and she chooses not to accept death.  So she picks a day (her twelfth birthday) to live over again, and realizes that no one really takes time to see how lovely life is.  I've been thinking of that all day, and it's true.  We get so caught up in life that we never take the time to observe it.  It all flies by, and one day down the road we'll stop and realize that it passed up and we never even noticed.  So I've decided to take life slower.  I'm going to notice the color of the leaves, look at the way my baby smiles, really savor the love between me and Jon.  I'm going to try to look at life more as the gift that it is rather than a race to be won.

   Anyway, let me sign off.


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   I really should be downstairs washing the dishes.  That's the only thing left to do, but I hate washing them.  I don't know why.  It doesn't take me long, and there aren't even many to do.  Most can go in the dishwasher.

   I haven't written in here in so long, so I have a lot to say.  But I probably won't, because Jon'll be home soon and I'd like it to look halfway decent when he gets home.

   To start, I don't work at the Merry-Go-Round anymore.  Praise the Lord!  I could go on about how I disliked working there, but I'll save it for another day.  I now work at the school from 8 to 4, instead of 10 to 6.  I am very thankful for that.  The only thing I don't like is that Jill now gets interrupted in her afternoon nap.  But I only have six more weeks, and then I can stay home.

   Jon talked to Pastor Mars and I'll be working for the seminary, but from home.  I'll be grading papers, burning CDs, and a bunch of other stuff.  I'll have to go in two hours every day, but I can go whenever I want, so I'm going to try to go during Jill's naptime.

   The school runs a daycamp during the summer, and I have the second grade.  Though challenging, I love it.  Especially Bible time.  They ask all  manner of questions, and I've had to search the Scriptures a few times.  They're good for me, because they make me more knowledgeable about my Bible.  And they're like sponges.  They soak up what I have to say. 

   Jill's growing like a weed.  I can't believe how fast she's growing.  She walks everywhere, but she's still clumsy.  She has so many bruises on her forhead and under her chin.  Another reason I'm excited about working from home is that I'll be able to potty train her when I want to.  In just a few more months, I'm going to try.  My goal is to have her trained by the time she's two. 

   I had started writing again, but now I've stopped again.  It's very hard to find time, though I know if I really tried, I could.  I'm hoping that by working from home, I'll find some of that missing time.

   Santa Rosa County, where I live, is one of the few dry counties in the country.  We do sell beer and wine, but no hard liquor.  This has been voted on 33 times in the past 40 or 50 years, and the people have always voted to keep it dry.  The reason we sell any alchohol at all is because the state mandates it.  Anyway, it's a big fight every time, and the last time this came up, the former pastor (whom I have no respect for) was able to prove in a court of law that alchohol is a drug.  Anyway, we're trying to keep this issue from going to vote, but if it does, we're praying that we can keep our county dry.

   I really ought to go.  Because I keep worrying that Jon will be home before the house is clean, I'm not really concentrating.  So hopefully I'll be able to write again soon.

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