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I'm a bit nervous. Today, around 2, I'm going to meet another mom at McDonald's. Her son's a few months younger than Beth, but it would be nice to have friends. I've just never done anything like this before. I hope we can be friends, because I do so need some.
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   This has been a tough morning.  I don't think I'll throw up anymore, though, so that's a good thing.  It got to the point where it was that gross green stuff in your belly.  Eww!  But I had a few bisuits and some watermelon, so that seems to have helped.

   I hope we get my car back by Friday!  Jon's needs repair.  He has a loose transmission valve (or something like that), and so it leaks out.  The guys at the repair shop in FL said they fixed it, but they didn't.  He was going to take it back, but then we moved.  So he put transmission fluid in the other day, and it was gone the next morning.  It had all leaked out overnight.  So we definitely can't take that car.  But mine's in the shop getting fixed.  Hopefully, it'll be out in time.  <crosses fingers>  We've been trying to get down to Steve and Jen's for a while now, and this weekend is perfect, cuz Jon has Sunday and Monday off.  Since it's a holiday, we figure they either have it off or can get it off.  I know they're trying.

   I think I can finally safely say that we have crossed the hurdle.  Jill goes to bed every night w/ no qualms, and every day (except Sunday) has no problem w/ napping.  On Sundays, she sleeps in church.  So she's not tired after lunch.  I keep her up till three, but she fights it every time.  Yesterday, she didn't sleep till four, and then only for an hour.  <sigh>  Somehow we've got to break her of sleeping through church.

   Not much is happening here.  It snowed this morning, and we're going to go out to play later.  But we play every day, so that won't be much different.  Except the sun hasn't shone once today.  It's gonna be cold!

Ah, life!

Jul. 16th, 2004 09:15 am
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   Ain't life grand?  Yesterday, I was hired to work at Wendy's <snicker>, so now we're a Wendy's family.  And last night we sold the white car.  So now we can pay the Crums and begin our journey out of debt.  Joy!

   Last night we had the most magnificent storm around 1 AM!  The thunder shook the house and the lightening was blinding.  The rain poured against our house, and the power went out briefly.  It was great!  I heard Jill grunting, but she was okay.  And then this morning there was a squirrel in my backyard.  Jon saw him; I've never seen one in our yard before.  Just on the fence and in the trees behind our fence.  If the cats had seen him, they would've made their strange sounds, kind of like "e-e-e-e-e"--I can't really describe it.

   And I'm going to my friend's house at ten; we're making blueberry muffins w/ struesell--mm-mmm!


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