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   Hey, I finally remembered to use the space button instead of tab to indent my paragraph.  I think I'm finally learning.

   How is this for bummy?  Yesterday, I started an entry, but never finished it and went somewhere else and lost it!  So now I'm going to try to finish and save this one before I do anything else.

   Because I breastfeed, I'm not always in the most convenient places when Jill is hungry.  So I bought a pump.  The first time I used it, I got an ounce the night before and an ounce the next morning.  I felt discouraged, but at least I'd gotten that much.  The next time, I was able to get a/o 2 1/2 ounces at one sitting, but it took a/o a half hour.  Today, I got 2 3/4 in a/o ten or fifteen minutes, then after my shower got a/o 2 1/2 more.  Today is a great day!

   My grandparents got here on Thursday and I've had a ball w/ them.  That day, we went to Village Inn <big grin> for lunch.  I got what I usually get, a taco salad.  But this one was a little special.  When I was a/o halfway done, I found a couple carrot shavings.  As I continued eating, I found a whole lot more.  We figured someone had mixed salad mix in w/ it by mistake.  My gramdpa was joking w/ the waitress a/o it.  Later, he asked the waitress for the recipe for taco salad. LOL!  She had offered me a new one, but it wasn't worth all that trouble, and she was really nice.

   Yesterday, we had spaghetti and salad and cake and ice cream for dinner at their place.  Mm-mmm good!

   Today we're gonig to the outlet mall over in Fort Walton.  We probably won't buy anything b/c we have no money, but hey, window shopping is always fun.

   We're selling the white car.  It's a '93 Crown Vic, and we think we have a buyer.  Dotty (one of Jon's managers) had to drive it yesterday, and he told Jon there's a lady who's interested.  So we're crossing our fingers.  Jon's going to start driving the Chrysler again.  I'll be (still) driving the Kia b/c it's safer for Jill than a convertible.

   Number four on this CD is "Jupiter - The bringer of Jollity."  We used a section from this piece for when we walked down the aisle.  I discovered later (after we decided on it) that this section has been used for a song--"I Vow to Thee My Country."  Jon has a Charlotte Church CD with her singing it.  Also, I had a friend who knew it by that title, and my roommate from Jamacia had sung in every morning in boarding school.  But I know it by it's tune, and I love it.  That was one of the most special moments in my life! <dreamy sigh>

   Anyway, I should probably stop gabbing and fill the dishwasher.  Ugh!





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My grandparents are coming today! I haven't seen my grandma since I was an awkward teenager, and my grandpa since I was ten or so. They have a fifth wheel (I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure what a fifth wheel is, but after today, I'll know), and have been going around the country visiting family. They'll only be here a couple days, but I'm so excited. It's mostly b/c I had Jill, but even so, I'm excited!
Jill ate, then fell into a drowse (is that a word?) so I put her in her swing so I could get some stuff done. It worked--now she's asleep! Except when I'm done here, I think I have to change her. Ick!
My friend Carolyn (go fig) has mostly convinced me to go to cloth. I'm not sure I'm entirely for it, but it's doable and will save us money. Wouldn't it be nice to be rich?
I have to stop hitting the tab button! I just want to indent my paragraphs, and it keeps taking me down the screen. I guess I'll eventually remember, but Word has conditioned me that the tab button will indent a paragraph.

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