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My friend Jessica has absolutely lovely work at her Etsy store.  She takes the pictures herself, then edits them.  You can buy prints for your walls or note cards.  Please go check her out!
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Does anyone use photobucket to upload pictures to either dw or lj? If you do, is it easy to do?
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So I took Sarah's comments on how she did her hair and gave it a try for myself. What do you think?

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My girls Easter morn. But Andrew got me thinking--do you thing kids are too dolled up on Easter?
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Guess what I have? A chest of drawers! See, not long after we were married, we discovered the joys of Big Lots, and as a result, we bought a bed and dresser with a mirror there. Our dresser's too big to go upstairs (we tried), and though we have two closets in our bedroom, they're both teeny tiny. One is for hang-up clothes; the other has three shelves that I've crammed our folded clothes onto. But no more! We have a chest of drawers! *squee*

And, yes, I'll take a picture of it for y'all. I realize I have quite a few pictures to show y'all, but I'll get 'em on here today or tomorrow.

Oh, and guess what I found today? There's a sheet of paper in the basket on our back counter in the kitchen that has my writing on it, and today I got curious and read it. It's some scribbles regarding a story I thought of a few years ago. Oh my WORD it's good. I can't believe I thought it up! So I may just have to dust off my laptop and get typing. (I can't use the desktop computer because if I get stuck [and I will get stuck] I'll be tempted to use the internet.)


Feb. 16th, 2007 06:51 pm
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I took several pictures, but these are my favorites.

I hadn't even noticed. Jill's the one who pointed out the pink clouds (that's our thing in the morning, to watch the sun turn the clouds pink).

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