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Jill has gone potty twice in the past two days. We're going to try again today. I'm so proud of her I could just burst! The first time I got so excited I kind of scared her. But then she did it again yesterday, so I think we're finally on the downhill slope of potty training.
I haven't posted in a while, but I keep meaning to. To sum up our little vacation, it was fun. We got to church a little late on Sunday (the roads were terrible) and hung out w/ Steve and Jen during the afternoon, then after evening service went over to his father's house (his dad's the pastor) and had food. Man, they have a nice house! And most of the stuff's donated. Like her kitchen cabinets. All from a showroom and free. Beautiful. Or like the jacuzzi in their master bath. Donated! They have a lovely home, and their stone fireplace is just gorgeous.
Anyway, so Monday we went to the mall after having a marvelous breakfast of stuffed french toast, sausage, and some weird cranberry sauce/apple mixture. Of course it was free, but they let Steve and Jen eat w/ us. And Jon bought me cream from Bath & Body Works and we went in this fabulous store, Le Gourmet Chef, and they had tons of differnt dips and cheeses and other yummy stuff all over the store. So we bought some delicious cheesy stuff w/ jalepenos and other peppers and this Chinese stuff to go on chicken (though you can put in on fish or steak as well) that has ginger and something spicy in it. We're going to finish up the rest of it tonight. Mmm-mm!
Of course the stay away from home messed up Jill's sleeping patterns, and last night was the first night since returning that she went right to sleep. But since she did last night, I expect her to tonight as well.
Not really much else to say, though I had a ton that I can't think of. Oh, well, we'll leave it for another entry. Ta-ta!
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   Man, it seems like forever since I last wrote in here!

   I probably won't remember everything I want to get down, but the most important is that we might be moving!  Jon doesn't make enough at Zales; with his job, we can just pay the two car payments and our monthly fee at the storage unit.  We don't even have enough to help out with rent or buy groceries or even the necessities like diapers!  Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining.  God provided for us to come up here, and hasn't stopped providing since.

   But it'll be nice to go.  Ginny's grating on us (especially me, but I'll bite my tongue) and vice versa.  This apartment is too small for four people (cuz trust me, Jill takes up more than her share of space!).  Also, we're just basically mooching off Ginny, what with not buying groceries or helping with the rent. 

   We have friends down in Hilsborough (close to Manchester), NH that we made down in Florida.  They were from NH, but had moved (like us, they had planned to go to PCC.  Unlike us, they never went) to FL.  They moved back about a year ago, and his dad's church needs a music director/youth leader.  That would be perfect for Jon!  He loves music, and already has a little experience directing, and we were the teen Sunday School teachers at Faith.  We're very eager to go down and see if it's what God wants.  But even if it's not, Jon's going to have to get another job, and we'll probably move out of here.  I can't even imagine the craziness of living here with a newborn!

   Moderate success with the potty training.  Tuesday I took off her diaper to change her, and she had a little turd still in her butt.  So I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the potty.  No missed opportunities here!  I plunked her on it (careful not to shake the turd loose), and when the thing fell free, we praised her to the skies!  So she wanted to sit there that afternoon and the next day.  But this time it's Mommy who has slacked off.  That's the yucky thing with kids.  They take so much effort!  Oh, well, hopefully she'll be out of diapers soon.  I just have to make her sit on the potty until she pees.  Then I'll consider it a true success.

   These Christmas cards are staring at me.  I've had them done for a week now, and still (with the exception of the ones we sent with the packages) they sit here, collecting dust and waiting patiently for me to send them off.  My goal is Monday.  Jon has that day off, so we'll probably hop on down to the post office, grab a few stamps, and send these cards on their merry way!

   I'm sad.  We're not going to be able to go see Narnia after all.  Nor "The Magic of Christmas", nor "Christmas with Cornils".  Bummer.  When you ain't got money, you ain't got money.  Oh, well.  There's always next year for the Christmas stuff, and Narnia will come out on DVD eventually, along with Harry Potter.  <sigh>

   Oh, good news!  It's been two weeks, and I haven't bitten my nails!  I stopped when I was pregnant with Jill, but bit them all off a few days before she came.  This is the first time I've been able to quit since.  I just hope that it lasts past this pregnancy.  It's not too hard to keep the habit broken, but breaking it--whoo boy!  That can be a doozy!

   Obviously, I don't know what Jon's next job is, but it's probably realistic to say he'll get a vacation sooner or later.  He said that the next vacation he gets, we can go see my Grandma Gormally!  I'd love to.  I haven't seen her since I was like five, but we correspond by letter.  In fact, this year we sent her a lovely Christmas ornament.  We've never sent her anything before, and I hope she likes it.  But I would love to know the woman who was my dad's mother better than I do now.  I don't even know how old she is, just that her birthday's in June.

   I can't remember anything else I may have intended to say, so I should probably go do some laundry.  Otherwise, Jon'll have to go to church naked tomorrow, and I get the impression he wouldn't be happy.  But then again, there's like a half a foot of snow on the ground so maybe that has something to do with it...

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   Still no success.  I let her go diaper-free for 45 minutes, and nothing.  Not a single drop!  And she sat on that potty for quite a bit of the time.  I would've gone for an hour, but her little feet were freezing.  I'm sure shortly after I put her diaper on her, she went.  Grrr...  Why does this have to be so hard?  You know, don't get me wrong, I don't think you should force a child, but these three-year-olds that go around still wearing diapers are ridiculous. 

   Other than the whole potty thing, we've had a great day together.  She's been in the best mood all day, not too clingy, not too detached.  It's been nice.  We went outside earlier, and she had a bunch of fun.  This time, we both made snow angels.  The only bad part was toward the end.  Her gloves had come off, and we were heading back inside.  She fell in the snow, getting snow all over her hands.  She cried so hard!  I stripped off her snow-clothes, and got her hands under lukewarm water, but I felt so bad for her.  Definitely a Florida baby.

   Today I watched the tail end of  the new Barbie Pegasus movie, and really it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Then I watched the last hour of Anastasia.  Really, that is one of my favorite animated movies, even if it is based on a bunch of malarky.

   Anyway, Jon'll be home in about an hour (that is, if he doesn't have to work late), so I better do the few dishes.  It's been so nice not having to clean house or do the dishes today.  I think I'll have to use one of Sarah's expressions.  Squee!


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   So I just read an article where some group has developed a headset that can control your physical movements.  It uses electricity, and if you move the controller to the right, that's where you'll go.  The guy who wrote the artical said it's like having something in your brain directing you.  He said the the government is working on something using electricity on our enemies to momentarily confuse them.  The article went on to say how it could help the elderly or be used for amusement park rides or video games.

   Of course they're going to say they won't use it for evil purposes.  But that's plain freaky to me.  If they can use electriciy to control your physical movements (and the guy who wrote it said it is very difficult to fight the desire to go where the remote says to go), how much longer before they use electricity to control other parts of our body--our nervous system, our brain, even our thoughts.  Scary!

   Anyway, on to other matter.  There's not much else to say.

   There's been a bunch of snow up here already, but none here.  It snowed from Maryland up through Maine, yet it missed the valley.  How?  Hello, we're not that big!  And Mt. Washinton has a record amount of snow this year--47.3 inches.  It's only October!  It's going to be a coooold winter.  Maybe I'm wishing I was back in Florida....

   Pickles is going crazy.  There are leaves on Ginny's balcony, and Pic keeps trying to get to them.  Except that she is not able to because of the glass door.  Poor Pickles.  She's such a sweetie; her motor is so loud, and she just needs a little extra love.  So I gave her some.

   It's not that potty training is going badly, it's just not going anywhere!  Jill doesn't mind sitting on her potty, but she has no clue as to what she's supposed to do!  So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be willing to take them!  Otherewise, this could take a while....

   Anyway, really I have nothing to say, so I won't bore y'all any further.  Ciao!

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