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   I know God heard them.  What happened was this:  Marios was driving (thank God they had their seat belts on--this is the only state that doesn't require it) and they hit a patch of black ice.  He slid off the road and into a telephone pole, knocking power out in Center Conway all the way to the state line.  He only hit his head on the steering wheel, but she hit hers on the dashboard, breaking her nose.  The seat belt pulled into her and pushed a rib into her liver.  She lost a third of it.  They had to give her 6 units of blood, but she's going to make it.  By last night, though critical, she was stable.  As long as nothing happened last night, they are going to stich her up today.  She'll be home in a week.  They were very fortunate.

   In other news, Jill didn't have to have a spanking with her nap today.  Every day (for naps and nighttime), she fights it.  She'll stand in her crib and scream, and sometimes it takes three or four spankings to get her to realize she's not going to win this time.  But today she only whimpered before succumbing to sleep.  Children amaze me; I know she was tired.  I could tell in the way she was acting.  But sometimes kids fight sleep so hard!  Me?  Just point me in the direction of the bed and I'll go willingly.  Kids really have no clue how good they have it.  <shakes head>

   About the church in lower NH:  we're probably not going.  It's not a paid position.  Now don't get me wrong; we're still moving.  Jon says we'll probably be here a month more at the longest, but he's going to try to get a job in a big city, even maybe down there.  There's a trucking company, McClaine, that is always hiring.  He wouldn't drive the trucks; he'd stock them.  Steve used to work there, and Jen does currently.  We'll have to wait and see what the Lord wants.  (But sometimes it's so hard to wait!)

   I'm so glad I'm in a better mood.  This morning, I was in the foulest mood.  Usually, if I go to bed, that takes care of my mood.  Not today.  I went to bed yucky and woke up the same.  God totally gave me a better mood, for which I thank Him. 

   Once again, I had more to say, but it's all slipped my mind.  Ta, ta!



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   As I type this, Roxana, a girl Ginny works with from Romania, could be dying.  She was in a serious car accident this morning, and I've been trying to keep the phone lines free, or I would've posted much sooner.

   Her boyfriend, Marios, was uninjured, but she has internal injuries and was flown to Maine Medical.  She's stable, but she could die.  I'm pretty sure she's unsaved.  Jon was thinking of taking Ginny and Bonnie up there, so I gave him his Bible.  Roxana is young, probably not even twenty, so her youth will probably help her, but please pray!

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