Gray day.

Apr. 16th, 2007 01:01 pm
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Can I move back to Florida now?
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   I had an eye appointment today, and the doctor described today perfectly.  She said it was a Campbell's Soup day.  And it is, totally. 

   Speaking of my eye appointment, my eyes are so bad!  I didn't think I could get soft contacts (nor do I want them, thank you very much), but they cost more than hard contacts!  Or at least mine would because of my astigmatism.  They'd have to custom make them.  So I just went with new lenses.  I don't know when they'll be in, but the doctor said they would greatly improve my vision.  Yay!  I'll see again!  So much in my world is blurry. :(  Anyway, I told all this to Jon, and he said maybe I can get hard contacts again.  I would love to be without my glasses again.  Not that I don't like them (cuz this is the second pair that I have--the other being my first pair, but more about that later), but it would be nice to have my eyes out in the open instead of hiding behind glasses.

   I have lots more to say, but Jon has to make a phone call.  A curse on you, dial up!

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