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Jill has gone potty twice in the past two days. We're going to try again today. I'm so proud of her I could just burst! The first time I got so excited I kind of scared her. But then she did it again yesterday, so I think we're finally on the downhill slope of potty training.
I haven't posted in a while, but I keep meaning to. To sum up our little vacation, it was fun. We got to church a little late on Sunday (the roads were terrible) and hung out w/ Steve and Jen during the afternoon, then after evening service went over to his father's house (his dad's the pastor) and had food. Man, they have a nice house! And most of the stuff's donated. Like her kitchen cabinets. All from a showroom and free. Beautiful. Or like the jacuzzi in their master bath. Donated! They have a lovely home, and their stone fireplace is just gorgeous.
Anyway, so Monday we went to the mall after having a marvelous breakfast of stuffed french toast, sausage, and some weird cranberry sauce/apple mixture. Of course it was free, but they let Steve and Jen eat w/ us. And Jon bought me cream from Bath & Body Works and we went in this fabulous store, Le Gourmet Chef, and they had tons of differnt dips and cheeses and other yummy stuff all over the store. So we bought some delicious cheesy stuff w/ jalepenos and other peppers and this Chinese stuff to go on chicken (though you can put in on fish or steak as well) that has ginger and something spicy in it. We're going to finish up the rest of it tonight. Mmm-mm!
Of course the stay away from home messed up Jill's sleeping patterns, and last night was the first night since returning that she went right to sleep. But since she did last night, I expect her to tonight as well.
Not really much else to say, though I had a ton that I can't think of. Oh, well, we'll leave it for another entry. Ta-ta!
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   I would have written about the snow last night, but my computer was being extremely slow.  So I waited till this morning.

   It's beautiful.  Of course, snow always is.  I finally got to throw the kitties in snow as I've been promising to do to them.  Okay, we didn't actually throw them, we just kind of tossed them, but still.  Anyway, it was funny to watch them step and fall through (it's about an inch).  They were pretty good sports about it, and afterwards, Pickles turned into Super Kitty, so she must not have minded too much.

   So is Elmo overdone to anyone else?  Sesame Street used to be about Big Bird and his friends; Elmo only became the craze because of that one fateful Christmas several years ago.  And now it seems as though SS runs around Elmo.

   We had so much fun yesterday!  We went to a place that Joy (the pastor's wife) recommended called The Little Red Wagon.  It's a consignment store, mostly for children.  But they also have stuff for expectant mommies and regular grown-ups.  Jon's mom got a really nice new wool coat (she's wanted one for a long time).  I got a bunch of skirts and a couple dresses for Jill.  We also got her another pair of black dress shoes.  She has wide feet, so we always have to buy a size up in dress shoes.  We got her snow pants, a thick winter coat, and an adorable two pointed hat with tassles.  She looks adorable!

   That afternoon we left Jill with Ginny and (finally) organized our storage unit.  Now everything is much better organized, and we were able to get some much-needed stuff out.  Then we drove over Hurricane Mountan Road, a road that goes right over a mountain and closes in the winter.  Halfway up, we stopped and just took a walk together.  It was nice to have some time alone together.  But it was so cold, and we finally found out why when we got home.  That's when it started to snow.

   Later we went to church and on the way home, we slid off the road b/c Jon shifted (accidently) into first while we were going downhill.  But we got out of the ditch okay.  It snowed for a long time more, and when we woke up, we were in a white wonderland.  (I know it's cliched, but c'mon--it's true!)

   So now I must go.  I haven't had breakfast and I'm starving!

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   Hey, I finally remembered to use the space button instead of tab to indent my paragraph.  I think I'm finally learning.

   How is this for bummy?  Yesterday, I started an entry, but never finished it and went somewhere else and lost it!  So now I'm going to try to finish and save this one before I do anything else.

   Because I breastfeed, I'm not always in the most convenient places when Jill is hungry.  So I bought a pump.  The first time I used it, I got an ounce the night before and an ounce the next morning.  I felt discouraged, but at least I'd gotten that much.  The next time, I was able to get a/o 2 1/2 ounces at one sitting, but it took a/o a half hour.  Today, I got 2 3/4 in a/o ten or fifteen minutes, then after my shower got a/o 2 1/2 more.  Today is a great day!

   My grandparents got here on Thursday and I've had a ball w/ them.  That day, we went to Village Inn <big grin> for lunch.  I got what I usually get, a taco salad.  But this one was a little special.  When I was a/o halfway done, I found a couple carrot shavings.  As I continued eating, I found a whole lot more.  We figured someone had mixed salad mix in w/ it by mistake.  My gramdpa was joking w/ the waitress a/o it.  Later, he asked the waitress for the recipe for taco salad. LOL!  She had offered me a new one, but it wasn't worth all that trouble, and she was really nice.

   Yesterday, we had spaghetti and salad and cake and ice cream for dinner at their place.  Mm-mmm good!

   Today we're gonig to the outlet mall over in Fort Walton.  We probably won't buy anything b/c we have no money, but hey, window shopping is always fun.

   We're selling the white car.  It's a '93 Crown Vic, and we think we have a buyer.  Dotty (one of Jon's managers) had to drive it yesterday, and he told Jon there's a lady who's interested.  So we're crossing our fingers.  Jon's going to start driving the Chrysler again.  I'll be (still) driving the Kia b/c it's safer for Jill than a convertible.

   Number four on this CD is "Jupiter - The bringer of Jollity."  We used a section from this piece for when we walked down the aisle.  I discovered later (after we decided on it) that this section has been used for a song--"I Vow to Thee My Country."  Jon has a Charlotte Church CD with her singing it.  Also, I had a friend who knew it by that title, and my roommate from Jamacia had sung in every morning in boarding school.  But I know it by it's tune, and I love it.  That was one of the most special moments in my life! <dreamy sigh>

   Anyway, I should probably stop gabbing and fill the dishwasher.  Ugh!





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