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Jul. 16th, 2004 09:15 am
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   Ain't life grand?  Yesterday, I was hired to work at Wendy's <snicker>, so now we're a Wendy's family.  And last night we sold the white car.  So now we can pay the Crums and begin our journey out of debt.  Joy!

   Last night we had the most magnificent storm around 1 AM!  The thunder shook the house and the lightening was blinding.  The rain poured against our house, and the power went out briefly.  It was great!  I heard Jill grunting, but she was okay.  And then this morning there was a squirrel in my backyard.  Jon saw him; I've never seen one in our yard before.  Just on the fence and in the trees behind our fence.  If the cats had seen him, they would've made their strange sounds, kind of like "e-e-e-e-e"--I can't really describe it.

   And I'm going to my friend's house at ten; we're making blueberry muffins w/ struesell--mm-mmm!


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   I'm so lazy.  I hope I get e/thing done that I want to before Jon gets home tonight.  He closes tonight, so he won't be home till 1:30 or 2 am (possibly later, depending on the night).  My house is a wreck!  My goal tonight is to fold all the laundry, clean the kitchen and living room, and empty the litter boxes.  I was going to clean the bathrooms, but I think that's a little much. :-/

   I had my first interview at Wendy's today w/ Sharon.  Now I know why no one likes her.  It's not that she's mean, but she's very condescending.  And at one point in the interview, she asked me how old my baby was.  I told her almost three months.  She said, "Oh, spoiling her, are you?"  I just kind of grinned and mumbled, "Yeah."  After all, an interview for a potential job is not the place to argue w/ one of your potential bosses, know what I mean?  But oh, how I wanted to!  As if staying home w/ your baby is spoiling it!  A baby cannot be spoiled by too much love; instead, it is usually those parents who work who have spoiled children b/c they feel guilty for being away from them and so give them e/thing they ask for b/c they can't give them more time.  And a baby needs interaction.  I'm very glad my baby will be w/ a friend and not in a daycare, but I'll miss her!  Yes, we have bad moments where I feel I want to scream, but I also know I might miss her milestones along the way.  I don't want another woman telling me that my baby said her first word or took her first steps.  Years ago, it was normal, expected even, to stay home w/ your children.  Why has that changed?  What is wrong w/ spending time w/ your kids, training them up to do right?  Why is it looked down upon to be a "stay-at-home" mom?  I understand that some women must work--I'm not naive.  But why do those who don't have to go back to work, go?  Of course it's hard, but this is your child.  Do you want him to have someone else's world-view and morals?  Do you want him to turn out like the caregiver(s)?  You can't spoil your children by spending time w/ them--on the contrary; the less time you spend w/ your kids, the less they'll know and respect you.

   But anyway, let me get off my soapbox!  It just makes me sick when I think of all the children who wish they could see their parents more often.  You can't spoil a child w/ too much love.

   Anyway, at least I have the second interview.  Wendy's always gives two, but I hope I don't have Sharon tomorrow.  She's very condescending and I don't kow if I can keep from snapping at her.  I mean, I'm sure I can, but the question is, will I want to?

   Jon has off tomorrow, so he'll be watching Jill when I go for my interview.  I think it'll be good for him.  He hasn't been alone w/ her yet.  He'll have to feed her and possibly change her.  Except he won't be w/ her for very long.  But it's a start.

   Jon is a/o to burst.  He's burning out, so when Paul gets back on Monday (he's on vacation), Jon is going to ask for a vacation earlier than he planned it.  It's either that or he's going to quit.  He's not going to say it like that, but that's what'll happen.  I just hope he gets this job in Tennessee.  That's what he wants to do, but it's all in God's hands.

   There was so much more I was going to say, but now I forgot it all!  That's okay, it's almost ten o'clock, so I should get off the internet and into bed.  I guess I won't get anything done.  But that's okay; Jon'll be here tomorrow and can entertain Jill while I clean.


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   I called Wendy's (one of the many places I applied to) like Jon told me to and requested an interview.  I have one tomorrow at four.  I don't really want to work there, but we need the money and I probably wouldn't get the job as receptionist anyway.

   Anyway, Jon's hopeful a/o me getting the job at Wendy's, so I am.  The thing I find amusing is that crew memebers are not supposed to know how much a GM makes, but since I'm married to one....

   The only thing I regret a/o working is that it'll probably only be temporary, so I'm slightly glad I probably won't get hired somewhere where I really want to work.  I'd feel just awful a/o being hired and having to quit right away.  Not that Wendy's is bad work, but fast food (excuse me, "quick service) has a high turnover. 

   Anyway, I interrupted my dishes to post this, so I probably better get back to them.

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