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   I would have written about the snow last night, but my computer was being extremely slow.  So I waited till this morning.

   It's beautiful.  Of course, snow always is.  I finally got to throw the kitties in snow as I've been promising to do to them.  Okay, we didn't actually throw them, we just kind of tossed them, but still.  Anyway, it was funny to watch them step and fall through (it's about an inch).  They were pretty good sports about it, and afterwards, Pickles turned into Super Kitty, so she must not have minded too much.

   So is Elmo overdone to anyone else?  Sesame Street used to be about Big Bird and his friends; Elmo only became the craze because of that one fateful Christmas several years ago.  And now it seems as though SS runs around Elmo.

   We had so much fun yesterday!  We went to a place that Joy (the pastor's wife) recommended called The Little Red Wagon.  It's a consignment store, mostly for children.  But they also have stuff for expectant mommies and regular grown-ups.  Jon's mom got a really nice new wool coat (she's wanted one for a long time).  I got a bunch of skirts and a couple dresses for Jill.  We also got her another pair of black dress shoes.  She has wide feet, so we always have to buy a size up in dress shoes.  We got her snow pants, a thick winter coat, and an adorable two pointed hat with tassles.  She looks adorable!

   That afternoon we left Jill with Ginny and (finally) organized our storage unit.  Now everything is much better organized, and we were able to get some much-needed stuff out.  Then we drove over Hurricane Mountan Road, a road that goes right over a mountain and closes in the winter.  Halfway up, we stopped and just took a walk together.  It was nice to have some time alone together.  But it was so cold, and we finally found out why when we got home.  That's when it started to snow.

   Later we went to church and on the way home, we slid off the road b/c Jon shifted (accidently) into first while we were going downhill.  But we got out of the ditch okay.  It snowed for a long time more, and when we woke up, we were in a white wonderland.  (I know it's cliched, but c'mon--it's true!)

   So now I must go.  I haven't had breakfast and I'm starving!

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   So I just read an article where some group has developed a headset that can control your physical movements.  It uses electricity, and if you move the controller to the right, that's where you'll go.  The guy who wrote the artical said it's like having something in your brain directing you.  He said the the government is working on something using electricity on our enemies to momentarily confuse them.  The article went on to say how it could help the elderly or be used for amusement park rides or video games.

   Of course they're going to say they won't use it for evil purposes.  But that's plain freaky to me.  If they can use electriciy to control your physical movements (and the guy who wrote it said it is very difficult to fight the desire to go where the remote says to go), how much longer before they use electricity to control other parts of our body--our nervous system, our brain, even our thoughts.  Scary!

   Anyway, on to other matter.  There's not much else to say.

   There's been a bunch of snow up here already, but none here.  It snowed from Maryland up through Maine, yet it missed the valley.  How?  Hello, we're not that big!  And Mt. Washinton has a record amount of snow this year--47.3 inches.  It's only October!  It's going to be a coooold winter.  Maybe I'm wishing I was back in Florida....

   Pickles is going crazy.  There are leaves on Ginny's balcony, and Pic keeps trying to get to them.  Except that she is not able to because of the glass door.  Poor Pickles.  She's such a sweetie; her motor is so loud, and she just needs a little extra love.  So I gave her some.

   It's not that potty training is going badly, it's just not going anywhere!  Jill doesn't mind sitting on her potty, but she has no clue as to what she's supposed to do!  So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be willing to take them!  Otherewise, this could take a while....

   Anyway, really I have nothing to say, so I won't bore y'all any further.  Ciao!

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